Fog Ghosts

Heavy rain on snow
Dense mist tendrils creep on in,
White fog ghosts float forth.

Night Owl

I am a night owl,
In the dark I am at peace,
But in the day I worry,
For my stars are out of sight,
But then I feel the sun’s warmth,
And remember,
This star burns our very beloved daylight

Burn On

Come new day, come,
Find me bathed in light anew,
I am the same as yesterday,

but something new
Burns within this flame,
I am in a position,
To seek and hope to find,
With a firm wind at my back,
To fan the flame,
So I may burn,
And burn on


It all falls apart,
The wounds we thought we healed tear
Habits unchanged,
Characters the same,
We are dancing around in the dark,
Pretending it’s a new day,
But everything is as it once