Breathe (It will be okay)

Your hurting hurts,
The pain may linger,
But you are strong
Even at your weakest,
Even when you can do nothing
But cry,
You persevere,
What else can you do?
You could give up,
But you won’t,
And you don’t,
And still you must cry,
Tears bathe your wounds,
And then you breathe,
Another breath,
Another day,
And yes,
It will be okay


But the Law Says

“But the law says…”
And so we never question right,
Nor wrong?
Assuming authorities have already mapped
It all out,
Foreseen the future,
And been unbiased parties in the development,
In the execution
Of said rules,
We are just meant to heed
What our overlords say,
Never question whether blind Justice
Has truly yet made her way.

Spiritual Knot

I need the tools,
The skills,
To untangle the spiritual knot,
That gets tangled,
Each time an atrocity comes to be,
Each time evil shows it’s face,
Teeth bared

This is why I am on this path,
To gain and use the learned,
For more than just my own

The Idle Bleeding Heart

I cannot help
But think
Of all the hurting
In the world,
My bleeding heart overflows,
My mind searches,
For solutions,
My hands for a task that may bring
A greater peace,
But I am left idle,
Unable to accommodate,
Unable to find a means,
Identify a way,
To use this vessel
To help heal the world,
My words will serve as record,
Of the hearts that bled,
That lives were not forgotten,
That many of those who did “nothing”,
Did not abandon cause,
They searched within their means,
And though made weary
never completely tired of fighting
The machine