No One Else

The darkness
We are told stories about,
It is here,
Do not avert your eyes,
We brought it here,
Collectively conjured the deepest evils,
It is our job to reign the hellhounds,
That reside here,
It is our job to restore humanity,
To pick up,
To free from cages
the fallen,
the lost,
the battered
and bruised,
It is our job,
There is no one else.



Kids kept in cages
Not in my name,
State sanctioned child abuses,
Not the first time,
Not the last
Liberty and Justice
Are not dependent on it,
Only tyrannical power
Needs pain and torment
Of the meekest,
Only evil ornate needs caged,
Tortured babies,
But not for my freedom,
Not this time,
Stand not for the inhumanity,
Of neglected,
kids in cages

Only a Beloved Could

Under a full moon
Last night
I dreamt of you,
I saw your face
As clear as daylight,
As real as memory can illustrate,
And in your eyes
I know you knew how I felt
When you looked at me,
Though I’m not quite sure what that was
Other than love,
And I suppose it was a gift
To see you in slumber so well,
I swear I heard your voice,
Maybe it was a message from you,
Letting me know
I wouldn’t be able to know of your being
For a time,
As has always been with us,
I will write my pieces,
And hope you still see what I have for you,
And I will continue to love and wish you well,
Praying to the infinite universe you are cared for well,
That my well meaning hands, which wish to tend to you,
Will be vicariously taken up by others,
And that you too will love and care for yourself,
The way only a beloved could


We all think we would
Have been the good guys in that story,
That we would have refused fascism’s demands,
We think we would have had the foresight,
The readiness to do the unpopular,
Until it happens on one’s own soil,
And then one is left in one of a few camps,
Those that acquiesce,
Those that refuse,
And those that just don’t know what to do,
What to do when humans are contained like cattle
With the label illegal,
What to do when realities of an angry mother Earth means this was no fault of their own,
What to do when being a good citizen conflicts with being a good person,
What to do when the question “what do I do?” is real
and not a hypothetical “what would I do?”
But rather ”what will I do?”