Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox came in,
Like a slow waking from an overslept night,
Yawning and wiping dew from tired eyes,
Then with a silent reminder,
A sudden surprise,
Remembering the bloom that is beginning,
The time for her to start,
Slowly she tends to the matters at hand,
Heists the sun up,
Making light brighter,
Making warmth,
Making days longer,
Sends forth for the birds,
the slumbering bear,
Whispers to buds hiding just below,
Wake my dear children,
And come out of the snow


6 Word Stories: Patience

They never really ended, did they?

The medicine wears off, left restless.

She misses, longs for his words.

Her child breathing gives her life.

Fear, excitement in the journey: birth.

Composed of contradiction, breaking the mold.

The Peasant Sage

I walk in shoes I never thought I’d fit,
I am the peasant
I am to be the sage,
To preach of hope and light,
Not evangelize
or exorcize demons that my own words conjure,

Who I am becoming,
I have yet to
And cannot wait to meet her,
What words will she learn
To speak to the heart
To warm, to nurture, to comfort?

(Come Spring) Hope Restored

Come green,
Come new,
Come tender buds,
Come melt to show infant blades

Come rebirth,
Your Winter labor has been long,
Awake goddess,
Your time has come
To welcome back the birds,
To sing awake the rest

The sun now rests much later,
To let the children play,
Come great Spring
To take over for your sister Winter,
Her time has come to sleep

Come Spring,
And bring with you
The warmth of sun
And longer hours,
And the hope restored,
We have all been waiting for.