August 11, 2017
Feeding flames
A creative inferno
Taking advantage
Of burning,
Before the embers grow cool,
And the smoke alone remains


Writing: Infection

August 4, 2017
The more I write the more I write,
Like a virus it infects me,
Takes over,
And the words wash over me
in waves feverishly, fervently,
I need to get it out of me
To get words down
Before another wave
takes me over

Writing, How I Forget

February 2017

I forget, how did I forget you?
You, the instrument that gives me a niche,
Comfort in the slide
Of liquid,
of graphite over lines
Click of keys,
Let out, letting be
The thoughts, emotions,
Made tangible,
I find you again,
And I am thankful,
I forget, so that I may
Ever ecstatically remember you.

And so I write.


July 31, 2017

Fear in insanity
Made her make precautionary paths
Then erase footsteps behind her
Made her fear
Plots in every thing
Worst intentions everywhere
Her disappearing act
She bleached herself
From existence
No tracks left
To realize
Everything she feared
Was internal
And was eating her alive
Trying to understand what went wrong
She finds rare forgotten pieces of herself now