The Blooming

Travel back,
And find your story,
It is worth telling,
It was worth living,
Fuel the words with ink
And remember why
You are here,
How you came to be,
Patient flower,
How you came to bloom.


The Mystic

She thinks in verse,
In a spectrum of iridescent hues,
Her wonderings and worryings,
Are as a mystic,
Learning her craft,
This is a long road
One she is both
Always and never

The great awakenings she found
Were the shock
To the system,
The test,
The cure,
To sustain life,
To blossom the hidden bud,
Within her core,

She is learning everything
With new eyes,
A new mind,
A new love,
Of life,
Of light

The Neverending Dance

Tit for tat,
And one, two, three, four…,
We’re dancing without touching,
And as the dance progresses
The tension mounts,
A waltz or a tango
It’s all the same
Who is leading
Is an illusion,
When really it all
pulls from the hips,
I move, you move
We move,
And we’re dancing across the floor,
We’re weightless
And effortless,
Never wanting this moment to halt,
Then the music stops,
Tis just a delay,
To the dance that will never end

On Rebirth

I can see my healing now,
In my words…

Before, I had grasped widely
for hold of sanity,
My mind spun,
Outlining all the abstracts
Seeing the metaphysics of everything
Until, like the universe
I exploded
In a big bang of psychosis

Then slowly
Though Not understanding the why
I began to pick up the pieces of self

Little by little
I write my way out
And back
And reflect on
What happened?
What had I become?
What was I becoming?

Was I flowering or
When I exploded?
Or both?
Or was this just
One of many
Of my rebirths?

Burning Hunger

I think of him
And the hot sun
On his skin,
I think of him
When the moon grants me
This moment
To feel my thoughts
And walk back my only memories,
And know part of my heart here
Does not reside,

I hunger for my love
Far from here
Far from snow
And foreign waters surrounding
I still hunger for the love
That I call my muse
Without a single word
I long for eyes to match the fire
He ignites with memory and lyrical magic
Conjured by his own muse

I hunger,
And it heats my heart
And sets my body aflame,
I burn of hunger
My love
The hunger never fades