Of, For and To

I have always been writing of,
And to you,
With different
Character names,
Never even knowing it,
Or that you even existed.


Never Ended

Love is always
love is forever
love never ended
it never began
it was just discovered
and it will go on
like the universe
spreading out,
never ending.

More than Coffee (I Love You)

July 6, 2017    (Dedicated to Amelie)

I love you
More than coffee
More than mermaids
More than tattoos
More than books
More than writing and drawing

I love you
More than French fries
More than ice cream
More than blueberries, apples
Oranges and bananas

I love you
More than silver and gold,
And gems that sparkle
and shine

More than green grass and flowers,
More than butterflies
More than cozy camp fires
More than the ocean

I love you
More than rainshowers,
sunshine and rainbows

I love you
More than the moon
And all the stars

I love you
More than sleep

I love you;
More than anything
and everything.