Someone’s Hero

I do not see it,
Day to day,
The me that takes your breath
I need reminded now
And then,
That I am much greater
Than I imagine,
How far I have come,
How much I have done,
I must stop and really try
To recall,
But from the outside
From someone else’s view,
To appreciate
That I may be
Someone’s hero,
Just by being me,
Despite the odds,
By living,
By persevering


August 2, 2017
I have come into my own
Dredged through
The swamp
Of the lowest
of my lows
And pulled myself up
To stand erect
Looked back in reflection
And from the muck
Sculpted a self
I can admire
I am the potter and clay,
I am the pot
-that which cannot exist
the gaping hole
at center