Your Own

Be who you are,
Do not downplay your dreams
and fears,
They are your own,
And so they are
More precious than gold.

Someone’s Hero

I do not see it,
Day to day,
The me that takes your breath
I need reminded now
And then,
That I am much greater
Than I imagine,
How far I have come,
How much I have done,
I must stop and really try
To recall,
But from the outside
From someone else’s view,
To appreciate
That I may be
Someone’s hero,
Just by being me,
Despite the odds,
By living,
By persevering


August 2, 2017
I have come into my own
Dredged through
The swamp
Of the lowest
of my lows
And pulled myself up
To stand erect
Looked back in reflection
And from the muck
Sculpted a self
I can admire
I am the potter and clay,
I am the pot
-that which cannot exist
the gaping hole
at center

Strange Love

June 10, 2005

I have not given up
For reasons
I have yet to understand
For circumstances
I am yet to apprehend
Teetered on this tightrope of life
Given the benefit of doubt
Only to see that I have been left out
Lean on no one, no more
Expect from none other than me
Dream my own dreams
Weave my own path
Take a breath
And let it pass

I have said my goodbyes
To a time when I was
I never wished to be
Someone who remains
Deep inside of me
Times are difficult
I will admit
And I am still
a little strange
But keep up,
And in time you will find
That no one’s life
is quite the same
That despite whether or not
others can
I still have
to love me.


Written 2005

Please forgive me
For my inexperience,
My awkward footing,
These shoes are new
–A little too big,
Though they looked
Like they would fit,
I will grow into them
If you give me time,
I know the right footwork
I have seen it before,
Just never danced
a tango for two
And of course,
Like I mentioned
–the shoes

Trust me,
I am not always this shy
That is just a part
Of my inexperience
That we will need to get by

Sometimes I am too bold
Forgive me for this
–Out of the loop
For far too long,
If I come on too strong
I will get the hang
If you just take the lead
Sorry, again,
If I forget to breathe

And sorry for all of my apologies
Just don’t let me dive in too deep


July 11, 2017

Starting  over,
Picking pieces
To put together
A bouquet
Of my own

Independence is fragrant  
With excitement
and trepidation  

But this is my own
And I  will  own
this arrangement
As one picked
by and for
All that is essential
to me