Not Meant to

If you forget,

Perhaps because right now

You are not meant to remember.


Vision and Pen


I saw more;
That I will not deny
to myself.

In part of an unexpected,
Terrifying gift,
Too big for me alone,
I saw a new direction,
I saw light
And dark,
And stars.

I saw vision
A purpose,
The kind we never
Realized possible,
I saw
what artists and poets,
Visionaries and prophets,
Ill and well
did not just

There is more
Than the eye can see
The mind’s eye sees more
Just all too much at once
For our tiny beings
And from my glimpse
I am humbled,
In awe
And reinoriented,
And amongst my roles
That I revere
Also vision and pen
are my purpose.

Colored Light

My world has been colored
By light,
Out of my dark

It was real
It is
And I found purpose
I had never realized
Was sought

I found the color
And I will look for it

I will not be lost
Even in absence of
Visible light
For it is
Whether eyes see,
Or not