Benchmarks of my progress
Hooray for me!
Seeming fine to everybody,
And still I worry,

What is sanity when it can slip
So easily?
I’m good, I’m sure,
But how can I be sure?
What if the figurative demons return?
–The ones I was positive
Were exorcized?
Fear of the return is infrequent
But vigilant I remain
Someone needs to be
Watching for the return of
A me I do not want to be
So I go through the motions
The exercise
To keep unisolated my heart and mind


Where Do You Go?

Where do you go, love,
When your words cannot be seen?
Toiling still in life?
–Filling your world with beauty,
In the act of just being

Songs like Tattoos

Songs are like tattoos
They etch the mind with memory,
Of sound, taste,

smell, sight, and Touch,
And sixth sense that stays behind,
And like a record pops and crackles with the memory of a moment
Long gone,
But fresh to a part of the mind,
That reignites associated thought and feeling,
And tumbles us back into a younger you,

I have songs in mind that bring back a time
Of mixed discs and naivete
Of open rides and wilderness,
Of aroma of coffee and tea,
Of sounds of hopeful revolutionaries,
With flowers in their hair,
Memories and wishes mingle,
And dance,
With imagination filling in
The places we left open