The World Envisioned (a reverse poem)

Is not
the world
envisioned for you dear,
I expected
Of our fellow humans,
believe in something
more than this
You have been given,
May you see the good

May you see the good
You have been given,
more than this
believe In something
Of our fellow humans,
I expected,
envisioned for you dear,
the world.
is not


Alabama Shame

We will shame you
From youth,
For what your body can do,
For the red,
For the sin that someone’s God condemned some woman for,
For the legs you sprout,
For the breasts you grow,
Shame for the urges,
No matter how natural,
Shame for conceiving
–Analyzing how, when and why,
Shame when you can,
Shame when you can’t,
Shame for a body everyone seems to have their say in,
Their say inside of,
Shame and sin,
Judgement being bestowed,
By laymen
–Everyone has an opinion,
About your body,
Because political the personal has always been,
Your blood is shed and everyone else claims your pain,
Whether you birth,
Or need other arrangements made,
And your rights are not your own,
For they can,
And will be taken away

Rain Dancing

The Spring rain returns
I wish it warmer to dance
In warmth, as droplets
Paint skin with shimmering cool,
I am eager but it comes,
I will let water
Grow me as a new flower,
Drench my roots and face,
Refreshment in natural
Does return to origins,
Rainwater is source,
Childhood rejuvenation,
Take me back to then,
When plastered skin was pure joy,
And time did stand ever still

In Light of Day (a reverse poem)

And I dream of you
Even in the light of day,
Like stars,
you were always here
But you showed me
And then you had to go,
The one long missed
And it was okay,
we kissed,
And we laughed and cried,
And I told you the same
things kept locked away,
The unspoken words,
all the things you couldn’t say;
you said
You were here

You were here,
you said all the things you couldn’t say,
The unspoken words,
Things kept locked away,
And I told you the same,
And we laughed and cried,
we kissed,
And it was okay,
The one long missed,
And then you had to go,
But you showed me,
you were always here
Like stars,
Even in the light of day,
And I dream of you

Look (I’m Becoming)

Look at me,
Look what I can do,
Look how fast I’m growing,
I can tie my shoe,
Look and see what I found that’s new,
I’m curious about everything,
Now hear me read,
Write my name,
You won’t n notice it at first
But oh I’ve changed,
My height, my weight, my voice,
I’ve become my own person,
In that moment you blinked,
I can count higher than you even know,
I can be kind,
I can be wise,
I can be brave,
I can, I can,
Do all the things I couldn’t yesterday
I can be the being you only imagined,
Watch me do it,
By myself,
Your are teaching me,
To have you near,
Even when you are not around,
Look and see before I am grown,
I’m growing, learning, being,
But from your smile,
Your tears,
I see that this
you must already know