Mother’s Tears

She cries,
For her children still have not learned,
If you poison the womb,
The mother is left ill,
She cries,
And tries to stop,
But she cannot,
This body is not her own now,
And she is clouded,
And so she cries,
And cannot stop,
And the people beg “please”,
At the storms,
That are raging,
And she cries,
Because she cannot stop,
Because they did as they pleased,
And burnt her body,
And poisoned her veins,
Choked her,
And drowned her in her own tears,
And the people are now under,
In awe and in fear,
Of her thunder,
They argue over the reasons,
For unexpected change in season,
And still she cries,
And quakes,
And it will only get worse,
For her defilers,
Still refuse to admit
Any mistake,
And so her tears fall on.

-September 3, 2017


Playground III

August 28, 2017
With age
Innocence wanes
–youth corrupted by influence,
And the many
Are pushed by the few
Without intervention
so spoil the lot

All of Our America

August 15, 2017
My great, great grandfather,
was klan
They found from a cloak in the closet,
After his death.
I am not proud.
But this is where I make my stand

I am sure in the family
he was not alone,
–Mine and yours,
It is a brotherhood,
A sisterhood,
Of hooded hoods,
Stirring a vitriole of self esteem,
Comprised of outward hate
Of anything too far out of reach
To understand,

Customized to rally and engage
every man, woman,
and child,
And then we look down
With self shame, guilt,
Letting the hoods parade past
Numbers unscathed,
And so the parade marches longer,

As we are unwilling to face
This all too familiar hate
No longer masked,
And on a familiar face

And hard times,
Compounded by
Fed upon
By serpentine minds,
Harp on the willing,
Eager to place blame
And fabricate lies
Fueling the base
That teaches self love
Through hate,
Claiming epidermal unity,
Adding religious creed,
Wherever it serves the need
Perverting patriotism,
Head shaven, business attire, or white hood,
Ideologies the same,

Do not ignore the difficult topic,
It is cutting too close to home now,
Or become complicit
In the very hate you wish not to condone,
Washing your hands,
In blood of the fallen,
Denial becomes guilt becomes white clothen attire,
Feel the heat
As the crosses burn,
As the rallies chant,
This shame need not last unchallenged
Love conquers hate,
And this is all of our America.

Lesson Learned

June 29, 2005

Pledge allegiance
To a flag
Where I have no rights
If I’m a “fag”?
Check a box,
Or “white”
No in-betweens for skin too light
Deemed the newest fad
Now all’s a sin
Is breathing bad?
“Anarchy!” the children cry
Ignore their pleas
Roll your eyes
The people speak
Of nation torn,
In tatters I think
All the deeds once condemned
Have now been done
Praise our leader
This prodigal son

For my generation
Our future is bleak
When liberal youth
Are refused to speak
Ignore the past
Refuse the truth
In following “tradition”
You are blind to see
The evils of our great society

You say I am free,
But for today,
Tomorrow can you tell me true
What next right will you undo?

Time and time again
We shall recycle
Ignore all that’s done before
Lesson learned
Erase the board.