March On

August 19, 2017

When hate has rebound,
Love buds in spite of the pain,
Peace remains a way

Spirit of movement,
For equality and peace,
Soars within the soul

To values hold true
For peace, love, equality
Head held high, march on



August 13, 2017
I want peace
You want peace
While the powers that be
Tear us into pieces
And Black,
You were not my enemy yesterday
But today you demand blood
And power
And strip others
Of their rights
Of their skin
Did they tell you
Why to hate the darker,
There must be a reason,
There must be a good reason,
But no matter the reason,
There is always a reason,
To love

Status Update

July 11, 2017

by childish tweets
courtesy of the commander in chief

by the “news”
When monopoly controls the sources
And what journalists can say

as women and children
become negligible casualties
of the patriarchy

as black, brown, red
And lgbtq lives
Still struggle
to prove
they matter

as lives become subject
to the terror on target

as IT produces
what anonymous faces
Think we should see

to spark light
And climb out of the dark
Of this Orwellian American dream

Where Have All the Hippies Gone?

June 9, 2017

“Where have all the hippies gone?”
She wondered
Ten years later she knows
Her ears and nose still sparkle with jems
And her hair blows in the wind
Taking its untamed shape

But she has grown older
And tired
Of the repeat
Of moving social,
economic, and human targets
political and physical attacks
That are meant to do just this
Wear the warrior

There is a new generation now
Taking her place in the field
And she and her commrads respectively shift roles
Rows of elders behind
Do the same
Keeping sight
Becoming invisible

She answers her own question.