Love Confessions I – VI

I. He is my protector
and I am his
as much as we might fight it
Our love is true
We are now the family of “us”.

II. He is sleeping
And I fight the urge
To burrow closer
And possibly wake his slumber
Just to see his eyes
Hear his voice,
Feel his breath,
Or find a pen to
Write about him.

III. We are every character
In the most fantastic
Never ending children’s story.

IV. I have always been writing of
For, and to you,
With different character names
Never even knowing it,
Or that you even existed.

V. You are my true love,
My shield,
My light reflected in armor
You are my white knight,
And I your veiled
Exotic, damsel,
Waiting at tower’s edge,
To be saved,
To save,
Only you,
And confess,
“I love you”.

VI. In other lives
he has been
Zeus to my Hera,
Jesus to my Mary Magdalene,
Ares to Aphrodite,
Mercury to Venus,
We are cyclical,
Whatever happens next,
We will be.


Love Immortal

The light, the heat,
The electricity that generates
Our love,
The days grow longer and the sun closer,
But we more distant,
we forget we lose
with the genuine feeling,

Until we find it again
In the cold months,
And that love rebounds
Again, and again
and longs lasts into new summer heat
And withstand the slow death
Of the fall,
And rebirth from which we
Will spring,
But we will last,
Because our passion exploded
In the cold,

You are the snowman;
And I never created you,
I just gave you my heart,
and it brought you to life,
And you gave me your
Heart and soul,
And I was reborn,
And together
We made a
Love immortal.

Playground II

August 16, 2017
Our children play,
A spectral epidermal display
They have no reason to hate,
Play and fun is the objective,
They challenge and boost each other up
They care not of
Color of skin,
country of origin,
Sexual Orientation

But they will soon learn,
Oh, they will be informed
That this play must have order,
Time will teach them
To see difference,
And make labels,
With which to hate one another.
If only one could bottle
These moments
To relieve when older,
Before time and bias
taint our innocence