Visible Star

Stars flood the sky with light,
Whether we see them individually or not,
The stars shine,
The shooting stars blaze across the sky,
They dazzle our heart and mind,
Even when not visible to the eye


Dreamer, you will float
Tonight on weightless clouds,
Between stars that spread their rays like fingers reaching,
Outstretched to touch, to warm
The beloved cool night air


The warmth grows between rain showers,
But the foggy nights are easing,
And I see the stars against a blue-grey sky
Not as vibrant as against the pitch black of deeper night,
But this is the way it was back then
And the air is electric with thought
Like back then,
And words paint pictures
Like back then

And those words I can’t speak,
I try to capture with other creativity,
But I hold back still,
As much as I can,
But in another life
Another world
Words will flow free,
And yet for us
still remain