Honey Bee

Your words are nectar
To this bee; inspiration!
–Poetic honey


Anxious Mind

Heart in vise,
It grips unexpectedly,
Unique fear pulsates,
Mind tripping on select thoughts,
Anxiety freezes soul


The starlight is so bright out here,
No light pollution competition,
My eyes are in awe at the sight,
Like reading words for the first time,
I cannot go back to silent foggy skies,
Cannot imagine not finding my star,
As it illuminates my heart and mind,
Every night,
This dreamer searches for you,
And wishes,
By your light
Every night


I am broken;

aren’t we all?
Born into a world that does not care how finite our bodies are,
How fragile our minds are,

I am broken by life,
And made whole again,
albeit scarred,
By the gift of healing


Benchmarks of my progress
Hooray for me!
Seeming fine to everybody,
And still I worry,

What is sanity when it can slip
So easily?
I’m good, I’m sure,
But how can I be sure?
What if the figurative demons return?
–The ones I was positive
Were exorcized?
Fear of the return is infrequent
But vigilant I remain
Someone needs to be
Watching for the return of
A me I do not want to be
So I go through the motions
The exercise
To keep unisolated my heart and mind