I want to
climb you
–a tree,

your branches
Under me,

the pulse
of nature,
Inhale the scent
Of your animal skin,

the texture
of your organic shape,

the shifts
in your equilibrium,

As you are shaped
And shifted,
To reach

In symbiosis,
With me


Writing Her Way

They are in timeless songs
And she wonders
how many
this same ballad
To love so fiercely
Defying time
And space

And others will lay false trails
To pick up
Where time
And fragility of the mind
Cut short
And she holds out
As she tries once more
To catch even a glimpse,
She writes her way
To him


Playground II

August 16, 2017
Our children play,
A spectral epidermal display
They have no reason to hate,
Play and fun is the objective,
They challenge and boost each other up
They care not of
Color of skin,
country of origin,
Sexual Orientation

But they will soon learn,
Oh, they will be informed
That this play must have order,
Time will teach them
To see difference,
And make labels,
With which to hate one another.
If only one could bottle
These moments
To relieve when older,
Before time and bias
taint our innocence


Because of Love

I am angry
Because of love,
I am speechless
Because of love,
I am withered
Because of love,
It is love that fuels my rage,
For others actions and their choice to hate,
It is love that makes me choose
To keep trying to get through,
Hate is such an extreme
When love is a simple solution,
But hate steeps and comes from years
Of misplaced aggression,
And denied fears
Hate is the cut
That relieves some of the pain,
When love seems out of the way,
You hate because you are withered,
Hate because you are speechless,
Hate because you are angry,
Hate because you have not been shown
Any other way,
And because of this I will love