The Protector

I will protect you,
I would lay down my own life
For yours to be good

I will protect you,
A human shield to keep
You safe from all harm

I will protect you,
I am guardian
Of your innocence

I will protect you,
You are the reason
I breathe here today



Get back to the core,
Back to the root,
Before you filled
your head with
Ask again
What is it all?
What is it all for?
Reclaim your ignorance,
Your innocence,
Or you remain lost.

Playground II

August 16, 2017
Our children play,
A spectral epidermal display
They have no reason to hate,
Play and fun is the objective,
They challenge and boost each other up
They care not of
Color of skin,
country of origin,
Sexual Orientation

But they will soon learn,
Oh, they will be informed
That this play must have order,
Time will teach them
To see difference,
And make labels,
With which to hate one another.
If only one could bottle
These moments
To relieve when older,
Before time and bias
taint our innocence


Things Have Changed

Written 2017

2011 – Age
“He’s an old man, ignore him.
Don’t let his talk bother you–he’s stuck in his ways, you can’t change him now…
But things have changed, so you don’t have to worry about it.
It’s not like there will be a cross burning in the front yard tonight. ”

2003 – Waiting
Things have changed

“Things have changed,” I’ve been saying that to myself my entire life. Meanwhile,  at the same time I have felt a great urgency in the need to “save the world” from the unchanged.

But things have changed. I want to believe that, to feel safe; Continue reading “Things Have Changed”