Mother’s Tears

She cries,
For her children still have not learned,
If you poison the womb,
The mother is left ill,
She cries,
And tries to stop,
But she cannot,
This body is not her own now,
And she is clouded,
And so she cries,
And cannot stop,
And the people beg “please”,
At the storms,
That are raging,
And she cries,
Because she cannot stop,
Because they did as they pleased,
And burnt her body,
And poisoned her veins,
Choked her,
And drowned her in her own tears,
And the people are now under,
In awe and in fear,
Of her thunder,
They argue over the reasons,
For unexpected change in season,
And still she cries,
And quakes,
And it will only get worse,
For her defilers,
Still refuse to admit
Any mistake,
And so her tears fall on.

-September 3, 2017



August 23, 2006

Your silence makes the blood
Run cold
Frustrates the barer of this tale
Who’s heart is strung up
On the sail
Upon a ship
Of collected stories
Lost out upon a raging sea
Just one moment
Of your time
They’ve entrusted so much
In me…

More wars are started
By your apathy
By what you’ve left unsaid
Wear a sentient heart
For once
Pray for more
Than your own
As you climb into bed
Dream of what could be
If I were you
And you were me
Now spin their silk
Weave their web
Word for word
What they’ve said
has it still escaped your soul?

Or are you now with them,
With me,
Lost upon the raging sea?