Conquer Hate  

This is just the start,
Let not our display
Go to waste,
Forces unseen
Will retaliate,
Keep this
momentum up,
May love ever
Conquer hate

August 20, 2017


March On

August 19, 2017

When hate has rebound,
Love buds in spite of the pain,
Peace remains a way

Spirit of movement,
For equality and peace,
Soars within the soul

To values hold true
For peace, love, equality
Head held high, march on

Lesson Learned

June 29, 2005

Pledge allegiance
To a flag
Where I have no rights
If I’m a “fag”?
Check a box,
Or “white”
No in-betweens for skin too light
Deemed the newest fad
Now all’s a sin
Is breathing bad?
“Anarchy!” the children cry
Ignore their pleas
Roll your eyes
The people speak
Of nation torn,
In tatters I think
All the deeds once condemned
Have now been done
Praise our leader
This prodigal son

For my generation
Our future is bleak
When liberal youth
Are refused to speak
Ignore the past
Refuse the truth
In following “tradition”
You are blind to see
The evils of our great society

You say I am free,
But for today,
Tomorrow can you tell me true
What next right will you undo?

Time and time again
We shall recycle
Ignore all that’s done before
Lesson learned
Erase the board.


August 13, 2017
I want peace
You want peace
While the powers that be
Tear us into pieces
And Black,
You were not my enemy yesterday
But today you demand blood
And power
And strip others
Of their rights
Of their skin
Did they tell you
Why to hate the darker,
There must be a reason,
There must be a good reason,
But no matter the reason,
There is always a reason,
To love