What If (The Dream)

She fears the steps,
She must take in becoming,
What if she trips?
What if she falls?
What if her dreams are much to big for her small body?
What if?
What if her what ifs are the wrong inquiries?
What if her dreams are just right for her size,
And the ground should rise up to meet her,
Easing her landing?
What if the scariest part is letting go,
And sliding into the unknown,
What if imagining “what if”,
Is symptomatic of a dreamers urge to wonder;
That which should ne’er subside?
Unless the dreamer loses the very gift of the dream

Loving Despite

Reading into things
Place hopes where they may not go,
Hoping despite doubt,
Loving him still despite fear,
Daring still to reach words out

Proven, All Along

For long you have been trying
To prove wrong the naysayers,
To prove wrong the doubters,
To yes their no,
And no their yes,
Because you knew you were
Able and deserving
Of just as much as they thought otherwise,
You worked so hard,
And only you are left
To see the results,
Do they know from where they are
All you have done?
What you have accomplished?
Or was it yourself
You were really trying
To prove all this to,
All along?



I am a sinner, a believer,
I am lost, I am found,
I am a pagan,
A believer in all; a believer
In the good,

I am hopeful,
I am doubtful,
I am cycled in this circle
Of infinite turns,
In part with this single life,
I am,

And I am turning,
Sometimes aware,
But most often oblivious to my movement,
And I turn,
By the magnetism
Of existence,
As pulled
Are we all.