The Protector

I will protect you,
I would lay down my own life
For yours to be good

I will protect you,
A human shield to keep
You safe from all harm

I will protect you,
I am guardian
Of your innocence

I will protect you,
You are the reason
I breathe here today


She Sings of Sunshine


She sings of sunshine,
with my voice,
only smaller,
made innocent,
made new.

She sings with a new voice
–her voice,
she sings,
and all the doubts
that may fill me

I am doing this
–tending my flower,
her song lifts me,
and her sun shines
these fears away.

Before She Came to Be

August 11, 2017
Once upon a time,
she was yet to be,
From my position now
this fact is difficult remembering,
Since she came
Every breath I take
Is for her,
The reason I wake
Is her,
My every motion,
I am motivated by this being
formed inside and of me,
I tend to her now with
Unconditional, incomparable
love and direction,
And live each day
Because of and for her

More than Coffee (I Love You)

July 6, 2017    (Dedicated to Amelie)

I love you
More than coffee
More than mermaids
More than tattoos
More than books
More than writing and drawing

I love you
More than French fries
More than ice cream
More than blueberries, apples
Oranges and bananas

I love you
More than silver and gold,
And gems that sparkle
and shine

More than green grass and flowers,
More than butterflies
More than cozy camp fires
More than the ocean

I love you
More than rainshowers,
sunshine and rainbows

I love you
More than the moon
And all the stars

I love you
More than sleep

I love you;
More than anything
and everything.