A Home

Be the one to change,

To make the Earth a good place,

To make this a home


32 Years

This evening I turn 32;
A decade since I cried
With bronchitis
Not knowing what to do,
A decade since I swore I’d failed,
That not knowing what would come next
Is what was making me fail

This evening I turn 32,
So much has past since I feared
My body was at the end of the line,
That my chance of treatment was only giving me
Borrowed time

This evening I turn 32,
A flip of my favorite number
A number I’m not sure why,
but I’m drawn to,

This evening I turn 32,
And look back
at what 32 has brought me,
It’s not perfect
But it’s mine
My heart

And then there is
The heart that beats
Outside my breast,
And snores
To assure me,
Yes she takes another breath;
And a love that snores much deeper
Than our babe
On the other side
of my body

This evening
I turn
And like at years 3 and 2
Insomnia wakes my dreams
To wonder on ,
And on,
And overthink
My next 2 to 3, to 32 years

American Tragedies

Tragedy does not bring change
When from tears
There is money to be made,
Tragedy does not bring change
When from fear
There is money to be made,
Tragedy does not bring change
When peace would kill this market,
Tragedy does not bring change

Something has to change
This daily cycle is insane
When there is only more,
And more,
And more
Of the same,
Of wars abroad
And wars at home,
Where tragedy forces change
But it’s emotional
It’s catastrophic
But for the better
To end this routine
Never comes the change,
There is too much money
To be made.

Bred by Love

Come so far,
So far to go,
Then legs kicked out,
From below,
And anger resurfaces,
Pain still fresh,
From a wound that
Will never heal,
And wound on wound
The gaping hurt feels endless,
What can be done
To stop the hate;
The hate that breeds such hate?
My love might seem shallow,
But a little goes a long way,
It’s potent and contagious,
And pain will not make
My love be curdled
By a bitter hate,
Pain is the trauma
But not the ailment,
Pain reminds one can feel,
That this hate is unnecessary
And is missing what I have,
This love breeds love,
Bred by love,
And swallows hate,
Time and time again.