Admonished Tears

They could not understand
Why I cried,
Why I panicked as if the pain
Were my own,
They shamed me,
And shunned
The empathy I bestowed,
The desperate need to do,
To right a moral wrong,
That my hands were too small to handle

I could feel my baby being torn
From my breast,
As I learned of countless babies taken from families,
In exchange for attempted border security,
Breathless at the prospect,
I feared how far such a set up would go,
I feared how much could be repeated,
And “improved” upon,

I feared,
I feared a fear so great only matched by that of the taken child,
My tears were matched with cold apathy,
As I realize theirs were being met too,
My tears were a microcosm of the anguish at hand,
A reminder of my human heart,
That bleeds and breaks,
And grows with tears I cry for others,
My burden of lone tears in recognition of atrocities was meant to be,
To find my place fighting for the ignored tears,
That should never have need be shed

Superhero: Damage Done

I still want to save the world
That is in part my privilege,
And responsibility,
And realizing in part that means
Saving the world too from me,
And my first world habits
–My waste, my want, my consumption,
I need no cape for my cause,
That would only hold me back,
Catch me up,
And add to the consumptive practices
I am in part fighting,
Flood waters may recede,
With damage done,
Yet the hard intersectional work of clean up and prevention never ends.

6 Word Stories: Loving

Their love survives: Hamilton to Angelica.

Waste waves call them to action.

New, searching for her right place.

Midnight poet can’t hold herself back.

Love that transcends time and space.

A decade gone still can’t forget.

Memories still haunt the beloved living.

Suit Up!

It’s coming, the end.
And everyone sees it,
Watches it, as our planet dies,
She’s dying a slow and painful death,
And the end is teased out,
By hope of green consumption,
But it takes from the top to make this work,
So we give up,
And get another plastic cup,
A straw,
A bag,
because we are just one,

But therein lies the illusion,
That keeps us slaves
To the industries
That profit off this death,
We are one,
And one, and one, and one, and…
Adding up to make a difference,
We are no more beaches, oceans, waves of our toxic, slow degradation,
No more breaths and bites of plastic,
No more soil contaminated by Fossil fuel,
No more leaded and flammable drinking water, poisoning our bodies and minds,

We are caught in a global bystander effect,
Waiting for the Lorax to return,
Without first planting the seed,
We are waiting for a fire department in a burning house,
Not realizing we are the fire department,

It is less, to be more,
It is activism, demanding more,
It is speaking out,
It is cleaning house,
It is preserving,
It is bearing witness to the floods, the cyclones, the tsunamis, monsoons, the hurricanes, tornados, and seeing them for what they are,
Earth is not mad,
She is hemorrhaging,
And it is on us to stop it from worsening,
The house is on fire,
The house is on fire,
The house is on fire!
–suit up!


Listen to the bird song
Listen to the trees
Listen to the butterflies
Polar bear, and honey bee
Listen to the tides,
Listen to the breeze
Listen to the snow and ice,
Listen to the Earth
As she cries for her children,
As she cries for mercy
Listen intently
Listen, listen
Listen and act,
Before we are unable