I’d taken you for granted
Assumed your love
Would always be there,
And here I am now
Wondering where it all went wrong,
And I know it’s maybe not me,
But it’s because of me,
Because I learned how to leave
My feelings at the door,
When all I wanted
Was to shower you with love
For I


We’re almost face to
But you won’t look at me,
Make light with
When this is so
I tell you that
I love you,
I’m in love, still,
And you can’t
But won’t walk away,
Won’t see
me go;
And so belabor the pain.

(Not Sorry) I Love You

I love you,
You know that,
And we’ve been through so much,
Come so far,
And I love you,
So I am sorry if I loved you before you were ready,
In a way you can’t love me,
But I love you,
So I want your happiness,
Even if that means without me,
Even if this feels like death,
I am sorry,
sad this is,
As it is
But I am not sorry I love you.

Putting Down the Dog

“Let’s go for a walk, “
He said
“Just us,”
And to our daughter that she should stay home with her aunt and uncle,
I made a cryptic joke,
About putting a dog down on such a walk,
I was to realize just how close such a phrase was,
We walked out back
–Our daughter followed,
And we rested in the middle of a vacant path,
And in a clear, but quivering voice
He shot me
With words of “it’s me, not you”,
And “I love you, but I’m not in love…”,
And as tears bled from my brown eyes,
I was suddenly alone,
Part of my heart dying there on the gravel road,
My body has moved,
With aimless motions,
In a daze,
And as it all settles in,
I am still here,
Like a put down dog,


The pain I feel,
With words of best intentions,
I love you, but,
But, but,
Three letters that sting,
Nails on a chalkboard,
A sudden fork in the road,
A hug, but,
A kiss, but,
And I still have these same four letters
For you.