Do right,
Do what your ancestors couldn’t
Wouldn’t fathom,

It would make your descendants


Your Own

Be who you are,
Do not downplay your dreams
and fears,
They are your own,
And so they are
More precious than gold.


Take a moment
To step outside your comfort zone,
To enrich the world with your curious mind,
Indulge your inquisitiveness,
For the moment has almost passed,
What will be gained from it,
For you?
For another?
Build bridges with your wish to know;
Willingness to learn.

Cutting Hair & Other Tales

As they cut her hair,
Did they know their legacy?
Surely not,
Though it’s ingrained in everything
They’ve ever been taught,
Implicit and explicit,
Did they feel the weight of each lock,
As it fell to the floor?
The weight of feet torn from land,
Land torn from feet;
Of shackles and brands;
Of false emancipation;
Of separate but “equal”;
Of jumpin’ Jim Crow;
Of rope;
Of crosses, burning and imposed;
Of color blind racism;
Of a new apartheid;
Of always being an alien
In a land deemed ones own?

Of course they didn’t feel it,
Even if they knew it,
They’ll never have such weight to bare,
The racial contract has made it so,
And on and on the story goes,
Adding another lesson to the tales,
This 3 white boys
Who cut the young black girl’s hair.

To Shrink

You worry,
That everyone judges you,
For qualities innate,
For qualities socially constructed,
You worry,
That secretly they hate
What you are,
You worry
And so you shrink
That voice,
that smile,
that stance,
that idea,
Shrink until you can’t find yourself,
So small,
Remember who you are,
Dare to be,
Dare to grow
Your heart and soul