The Lost and Found

Find me,
I am lost!

Between the lines,
Buried in the pages,
Your words
Guide me back,
To sunlight
And sanity,
To direction
Of what is good
And what is home

I find myself
In this dizzying repetition
Of curiosity,

And at last, again
I am


Plastic Soldiers

These were never
Your children to worry of,
Never your siblings to protect,
You have seen lives
As a petulant child,
Narcissism blinds your mind,
These were always just toy soldiers,
Cheap plastic to be used,
Put in harm’s way,
To show off to other children
“Mine is bigger, is better than yours”,
You were always the playground bully,
Burying toy soldiers in the sand,
In the dirt,
But you are just a child,
And they are toys,
No one was really,


*Ode to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Mountains rest on petite shoulders
Made sinewy by the weight,
Made agile by the struggle
of holding truth and judgement
To the test,
Strength in wielding gavel,
Dissent is not a dirty word,
for the aged that has heard and seen
And ruled on far more challenges,
Keeping Lady liberty in shape
A collar replaces a hero’s cape
Ward malignancies at Bay,
Teeth might gnash
And bones might break
But a tall shadow
Does a small but fierce figure make

Alright/ All Right

Pain, but not the tears
Is what makes me doubt my moves,
but something is right

And yet not unbearable,
Yes something is right

But not everything,
The setting is not correct,
Therein lay the work

Some things are all right,
Just, this is not the best place,
This is not our scene

The time is coming,
To make our exit stage left,
Making things complete

Winter Solstice

Winter darkness envelopes,
In thick smokey blankets,
The chill is deep and braces bones,
And in the splendor of white snow beauty
There is irony,
In the fear and loneliness of a winter abyss
That is so breathtaking,
And the Moon and sun see this
and shift their positions in the sky,
To warm and comfort the anxious
Lifeforms on earthen ground below,
And moon grows larger,
For longer light as the sun is farthest away,
“No,” whispers a silent voice
In the pitch,
“I’d never leave you,
Not that way”,
And so twinkle the diamonds
Of the sky,
the Moon lights the way,
As round the sun we go