< 9/16/2018

I fear ,
I fear
I am cycling

Back into the chaos
That ensnared
Me before,
This time the monsters aren't near,
Or clear,
But in whispers,
I start to hear

Strange mouths
Utter words that seem familiar,
And I read every word
To be about and for me,
I am curious,
And want to know

Alice, do I go,
Sucked down the vacuum
Down, down


Love and Hurt

Written 2010

I do not know how to foster
the kind of patience, understanding,
and strength that i need, that this requires.
I don’t know how to keep sane
when everything around me
is pure insanity.
i don’t know how to be loving,
though I love,
when everything in my nature
tells me “this hurts, don’t accept, fight back”.
and so, i read and read,
searching in words to find the answers,
that i already know.
answers that are before me
just as stories, stories that tell our lives.
Our lives in different locations,
with different names, and dates. but no solutions,
no fixes.
we are the guinea pigs for this life,
and we’ve so far been dealt a difficult hand.
we love and we hurt,
we hurt and we love
and that is how we live
in our little home