August 13, 2017
I want peace
You want peace
While the powers that be
Tear us into pieces
And Black,
You were not my enemy yesterday
But today you demand blood
And power
And strip others
Of their rights
Of their skin
Did they tell you
Why to hate the darker,
There must be a reason,
There must be a good reason,
But no matter the reason,
There is always a reason,
To love

Before She Came to Be

August 11, 2017
Once upon a time,
she was yet to be,
From my position now
this fact is difficult remembering,
Since she came
Every breath I take
Is for her,
The reason I wake
Is her,
My every motion,
I am motivated by this being
formed inside and of me,
I tend to her now with
Unconditional, incomparable
love and direction,
And live each day
Because of and for her


August 11, 2017

They pack up boxes,
Reexamine items,
Shift through old and unused,
Label parcels to ship, recycle, discard
Reexamine their lives,
And how and where to take the next step,
They give away items,
To friends who remain behind,
Friends who see them off,
Friends who wish them well,
Friends who keep pieces of them to remind,
remember the love of their friends
Who have reassembled their lives,
South, North, and West coast.