Becoming “We”

May 27, 2017

We let go
and pick up
where we left off,
before we found reasons
to separate

We find family
in memorial days

We reminisce
We share
We find reasons to be

All as we parade
our family
for all to see

We have once again
Become “we”.



May 21, 2017

Drip drip drops
of quiet contemplation

Pieces and perspectives
Settle into place

Finding peace
on a stage set:

Swings rock,
Rain washes


May 2, 2017

Fresh air
Is calling me
Begging me back
Reminding me
of fields of green
And gold
Of memories
Stored in a child’s mind

Fresh air
Regardless of whatever
Existant impurities there are
Fresh air as I knew it
Is calling me

Fresh air
In a song heard low in the breeze
To family
To familiar plains
And trees
And valleys

Fresh applachian air
Is calling me