Mother’s Jewels

I wear mother Earth,
I drape her jewels from body
I keep her with me

Corporal reverence
For mother’s beauty, wisdom
I worship always

Rock, Crystal you shine
Emanate energy out
You gift your power



There is something
That pulls at my core,
That nudges me awake
With gentle urgency,
Immediate need for something that has always been,
Within me,
never before could
My mind envision
A future that I might perhaps
Come to see,
The universe opens up to me
And speaks
That I should know:
The universe is always here,
Always aware,
It bends and folds,
Twists, turns,
And we,
Things made of Stardust,
Move with it,
For we are part and parcel
Of this thing called creation,
And as I feel this movement in my soul
I know something,
This unnamable,
never fully knowable everything
Is calling me

What I’d Do

We fuss and we fight
But what you wouldn’t do for me,
You move heaven and Earth,
Plow the world to rescue me,
Damn what you wouldn’t do for me,
And we’re messy,
But beautiful,
And you would give everything,
You vowed to once,
And you do it again and again,
God what you wouldn’t do for me,
And all I can say to even compare,
To repay your everything
Is damn I love you,
And tell me
And I’ll do anything too,
For you