Treasure Trove

Searching for old words,
That are by no means a treasure,
Knee deep in dusty memories,
She wonders,



July 9, 2017

From my distant view
I catch a semblance
Of burdens you carry
despite distance withstanding
My impulse remains
a need To carry
some of the weight
Much like you have
More than once
For me
Please let me
Do so
for you

If you only could see
How much your being
Influences me
You might understand
Why I cannot
Pull back
My outstretched hand


Written 2006

Tears have dried
Coarse salt remains
Jagged crystals
That burn
Blur and tear
At my eyes

So young
But this soul
Is so old

Filled my quota
Now I balance checks
On rain
My stare is not empty
But behind
layers of glass
— scorched salt
of my tears

Rooming with Racism

November 2006

I’ve come here
To save the world
To learn the ways
From this false sense of liberty
Juxtaposed with this
Colorblind class disparity
Education breeding freedoms
But also fastening bonds
Of angst
The copper taste
Of pride
Crushed between my teeth

Fight or flight
Limbs of lead
Lips sown shut
By the privileged power
That silences me
On pins and needles
Explosions of rage
In the pit of my throat

Blank stare
Recognizing the futility of the fight
Despite what I know
I’m financially lacking
And I’m not white.

Dust to Dust

October 28, 2006

Oh dearest love,
oh butterfly,
Stay a moment in my palm
For my pure adoration
Your camouflaged complexion
Fools my fickle eye

I hold tightly
Closer still
For fear that you will fly
And suddenly
As I try to calm
Thy fluttering
Thy powered wings
You die

How I have forgotten
How fragile you may be
My painted admiral
Lost within the chaos
My heart
My love
Reduced to fairy dust