Not a Full Moon

It’s not a full moon
And here I can’t see the stars
Still thoughts are with you

Dull & Lame

I may have messed it up
By trying,
By dreaming more,
I’ve ruined the design,
I’ve shot my foot,
For wanting meaning,
And not just economic security,
But there I think I’ve done it,
Done too much,
Ventured too far,
And you’re not disabled they’ll claim,
But here I am debating whether
I should try,
Or remain dull and lame.

Humanity of Evil

My task will be to talk on evil,
What a daunting predicament I have put myself in,
Such a short word,
With the utmost power
Such a complicated matter,
Of descerning what this force is,
How it is manifest,
And from who and or what it originates,

I cannot subscribe to the school of original sin,
That evil was originated via exercise of free will in a foreseeable folly of curious innocents,
I cannot see evil then placed blame on one gender for the flaws that would have been subject to any other curious innocent,

Evil is a force that exists in possibility of the loss of good,
How is good known without the existence of it’s anthesis?
For this reason I see that evil has always been a part of the scenario, even if in the shadows,

The word stings off the tip of the elevated tongue; curved like a snake’s,
It calls to mind images of most horrific atrocities,
And yet,
From evil one may always be amazed,
By the shape of which it may take,

We talk about it in hushed voices,
As if in whispers it won’t find us,
Won’t be capable of coming from inside us,
That which we imagine as horned entities,
For recognizing the humanity of evil is too harsh to bear,
Recognizing the capability of innately innocent beings corrupting with time and influence is hard to swallow,
But if we can become this othered evil, surely there is room to become something better,
Surely there is redemption,
Surely there is still good, better, in this existence,
Perhaps too ordinary to see against the backdrop of horrible evils,
Perhaps we should look closer, deeper,
See what evil wants us to miss,
See the good that shines just as bright,
That heralds songs of light,
Like the presence of new birth,
The rebound of innocence,
In a world already scarred by evil,
Innocence and it’s goodness serves to heal.

Next Moves

Sometimes the opportunities are nowhere to be seen,
Sometimes they are all placed in our lap
At once,
In each case
The next move seems harrowing,
Which move do I make?
What is right?
Which would lead me to destruction?
In any case,
The important move is the next move,
Whatever you should choose,
Never stop