What You Do

I don’t know when it happened
Somewhere between our first look and our last,
I saw you
Not the front you put up for everyone,
Not the absolute gentleman I admire
Not even in your kind heart,
I saw you,
The animal made of flesh and bones,
Forged in the fires of adversity,
I saw you bare,
Sinew, vein and blood,
And I saw these things together,
And I saw your human fragility,
And strength despite,
And holy!
Look what you do to me!
To my corporal being,
That now longs for,
Beckons yours,
For intimate touch,
And kiss,
Blood pulsating,
Heart pounding,
Breath heavily,
Senses peaked,
For this is what you do to me,
The want is need,
And need for you how I do want,
Every inch, and every ache,
All of you I want
To take,
In my heart,
In my soul,
In my body,
All of me for all of you,
Dear love,
This is what you do.

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